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Beast Wars
Season One
Trapped on a primitive planet, two opposing factions, the Maximals and
the Predacons, of Transformers, a race of sentient robots, fight over
its precious Energon. Soon they discover that there are other forces at
work on the planet - a powerful alien race that does not approve of
their presence. And as they delve deeper into the planet's history, they
uncover a terrible secret, one that must not be allowed to fall into the
wrong hands, or their entire race's very existence could be threatened.

Season One
1 Beast Wars (1)
2 Beast Wars (2)  
3 The Web
4 Equal Measures
5 Chain of Command
6 Power Surge
7 Fallen Comrades
8 Double Jeopardy   
9 A Better Mousetrap
10 Gorilla Warfare
11 The Probe
12 Victory  
13 Dark Designs
14 Double Dinobot  
15 The Spark
16 The Trigger (1)  
17 The Trigger (2)
18 Spider's Game  
19 Call of the Wild
20 Dark Voyage  
21 Possession
22 The Low Road
23 Law of the Jungle
24 Before the Storm  
25 Other Voices (1)
26 Other Voices (2)
Extra: Interview with Larry DiTillio
Extra: Interview withBob Forward
Extra: Agent 12 (Film by Bob)

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