Transformers G1
Season 1

The Autobots and Decepticons, during the great Cybertronian War, crash landed on earth.
Millions of years later, geological activity revives the warring factions - the Decepticons
want to strip the earth of its vast energy resources, and the Autobots seek to protect the
inhabitants of earth from that fate. And so an endless battle begins.

Season One

1 - More Than Meets The Eye Pt1
2 - More Than Meets The Eye Pt2
3 - More Than Meets The Eye Pt3
4 - Transport To Oblivion
5 - Roll For It
6 - Divide & Conquer
7 - Fire in the Sky
8 - S.O.S Dinobots
9 - Fire on the Mountain
10 - War of the Dionbots.avi
11 - The Ultimate Doom Pt1 - Brainwash
12 - The Ultimate Doom Pt2 - Search
13 -  The Ultimate Doom Pt3 - Rivival
14 - Countdown to Extinction
15 - Plague of Insecticons
16 - Heavy Metal War

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