In Disguise
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Megatron and his evil Predacons arrive on Earth with one goal: Destruction!
This... causes a secret force of goodness to emerge: the heroic Autobots, led
by Optimus Prime. They have hidden their existence by taking the forms of
vehicles, but now they reveal their true nature to fight Megatron and protect
Earth. They are... Transformers: Robots in Disguise.
1.Battle Protocol!
2.An Explosive Situation
3.Bullet Train to the Rescue
4.Spychangers to the Rescue
5.The Hunt for Black Pyramid
6.The Secret of the Ruins
7.Sideburn's Obsession
8.Secret Weapon: D-5
9.Mirage's Betrayal
10.Skid Z's Choice
11.Tow-Line Goes Haywire
12.The Ultimate Robot Warrior
13.Hope for the Future - Gigatron's Ambitions Revealed!
14.The Decepticons
17.Attack from Outer Space
18.The Test
19.The Fish Test
20.Wedge's Short Fuse
22.Sky-Byte Saves the Day
23.A Test of Metal
24.Ultra Magnus
25.Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion!
26.Lessons of the Past
Assemble! New Troops
27.The Two Faces of Ultra Magnus
28.Power to Burn!
29.Fortress Maximus
30.Koji Gets His Wish
31.A Friendly Contest
32.Peril from the Past
33.Maximus Emerges
34.The Human Element
35.Mystery of the Ultra Magnus - Gelshark's Blues
36.Mistaken Identity
37.Surprise Attack!
38.Galvatron's Revenge
39.The Final Battle
Interactive dvd menus
Awesome graphics and sound
Nice dvd collector box/case
Wonderful picture art directly printed on the dvd.
(No paper labels to peel off and mess up the dvd playing in the dvd player.)
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