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Transformers: Victory aired on Japanese television from 1989 to
1990. Taking place more than twenty years after the events of
Transformers: Masterforce, this is the story of Star Saber and the
Space Defense Force battling against the danger of Deszaras and his
troops. Though much of Victory takes place on Earth, it still manages
to evoke a sense of grand epic adventure, which may be why it's
usually the most popular of the Japanese Transformers cartoons.
1. Star Saber, Hero of the Universe
2. Dinoking's Surprise Attack
3. Charge, Leozak
4. Multiforce, Combine
5. Go Rescue Squad
6. Invasion of the Uranium Mine
7. The Energy Base Explodes
8. Terror Under the Big City
9. The New Warrior, Hellbat
10. Attack the Shuttle Base!
11. Tanker Theft Operation
12. Rescue Jan!
13. Mach and Tackle
14. Battle on the Asteroid
15. The Warriors of Planet Micro
16. Rescue Gaihawk!
17. Liocaesar, Merge!
18. The Destron Fortress Resurrected
19. The Power of Rage
20. Struggle at the South Pole
21. Ambush in the Desert
22. A Battle of Life and Death
23. Farewell, God Jinrai
24. Fight, Victory Leo
25. Awaken, Victory Leo!
26. The Victory Combination
27. Jan, Protect the School
28. Mystery? The Base-Exploding Trap
29. The Death-Bringing Space Bug
30. Terror of the Giant Tsunamis
31. The Resurrection of the Space Fortress
32. Charge! The Fortress against the Victory
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