Knights of the Magical Light

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Far away in a distant galaxy, the people of the planet Prysmos lived in an age of great technology. They had taken control
of all of the sources of energy, and enjoyed a life of comfort and ease for 7,000 years... but this was not to last, for the
realignment of the three blazing suns of Prysmos signaled the end of the age of science and technology. When all of the
electrical energy have been depleted from the world, an age of magic began. But it would take some time before man
would believe this. Years passed, and as the old order collapsed a new more primitive order rose form the rubble. Knowing
that the balance of power between Darkstorm and Leoric could easily be tipped, both frantically
searched for a military advantage.

1. The Age of Magic Begins (1)  
2. The Dark Hand of Treachery (2)  
3. Quest for the Dragon's Eye (3)  
4. The Price of Freedom  
5. Feryl Steps Out  
6. Lion Hunt  
7. The Overthrow of Merkylnn  
8. The Power of the Wise  
9. Horn of Unicorn, Claw of Dragon  
10. The Trail of the Three Wizards  
11. Sorcery Squared  
12. Honor Among Thieves  
13. Dawn of the Sun Imps

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