X-Men Evolution

X-Men Evolution: Season I
Professor X is recruiting these mutants to help them control their powers and help mankind
understand that they are not a menace, at least not all of them. But he's not the only one,
Mystique, working under Magneto, is also recruiting mutants but for their own agenda.

X-Men Evolution: Season II  
The second season of X-Men: Evolution features several new writers, including Steve and
Cydne Granat, Doug Molitor, Brian Swenlin, William Cluverius and Nick DuBois.

X-Men Evolution: Season III
The secret's out! The world knows about mutants! How will the X-Men cope with this drastic

X-Men Evolution: Season IV
Will Apocalypse make his appearance in X-Men: Evolution?

Season 1
1. Strategy X
2. The X-Impulse
3. Rogue Recruit
4. Mutant Crush
5. Speed and Spyke
6. Middleverse
7. Turn of the Rogue
8. SpykeCam
9. Survival of the Fittest
10. Shadowed Past
11. Grim Reminder
12. The Cauldron (1)
13. The Cauldron (2)

Season 2
14. Growing Pains
15. Bada-Bing Bada-Boom
16. Power Surge
17. Fun and Games
18. Beast of Bayville
19. Adrift
20. African Storm
21. Joyride
22. On Angel's Wings
23. Mindbender
24. Shadow Dance
25. Retreat
26. Walk on the Wild Side
27. Operation: Rebirth
28. The HeX Factor
29. Day Of Reckoning (1)
30. Day Of Reckoning (2)

Season 3
31. Day of Recovery
32. The Stuff of Heroes
33. Mainstream
34. The Stuff of Villains
35. Blind Alley
36. X-Treme Measures
37. The Toad, The Witch and The Wardrobe
38. Self Possessed
39. Under Lock & Key
40. X23
41. Dark Horizon (1)
42. Dark Horizon (2)
43. Cruise Control

Season 4
44. Impact
45. No Good Deed
46. Target X
47. Sins of the Son
48. Uprising
49. Cajun Spice
50. Ghost of a Chance
51. Ascension (1)
52. Ascension (2)

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