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Yogi Bear
Season One
Yogi & Boo Boo are two bears who live in Jellystone Park. Yogi is always
getting into trouble. He steals picnic baskets, tries to escape from the park,
and other things. Ranger Smith always tries to stop him, and sometimes
succeeds. Boo Boo, the level headed one, tries to steer Yogi in the right
direction, but Yogi never listens. So, Boo Boo unwittingly helps him.

1 Yogi Bear's Big Break
2 Slumber Party Smarty
3 Pie-Pirates
4 Big Bad Bully
5 Foxy Hound Dog
6 The Brave Little Brave
7 Tally Ho Ho Ho
8 High Fly Guy
9 Baffled Bear
10 The Brave Little Brave
11 The Stout Trout
12 The Buzzin' Bear
13 The Runaway Bear
14 Be My Guest Pest
15 Duck in Luck
16 Bear on a Picnic
17 Prize Fight Fright
18 Brainy Bear
19 Robin Hood Yogi
20 Daffy Daddy
21 Scooter Looter
22 Hide and Go Peek
23 Show Biz Bear
24 Lullabye-Bye Bear
25 Bearface Disguise
26 Papa Yogi
27 Stranger Ranger
28 Rah Rah Bear
29 Bear for Punishment
30 Nowhere Bear
31 Wound-up Bear
32 Bewitched Bear
33 Hoodwinked Bear
34 Snow White Bear

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