Young Samson and Goliath

Loosely based on the Classic Biblical characters with his all trusting dog and his magical
bracelets… Young Samson raises his fist over his head and screams "I Need Samson
Power". In an instant he becomes the all mighty Samson along with his dog who is
transformed into a golden ruffle-haired Lion.

Curse of Monatabu
The Aurora Borealis Creature
The Great Colossus
Cold Wind from Venus
The SSX-19
Operation Peril
The Secret of Evil Island
The Monsteroids
The Idol Rama-Keesh
Baron Von Skull
Moon Rendezvous
The Lost City of the Dragon Men
The Colossal Coral Creature
Zuran's Creature
The Dome
The Terrible Dr Desto
From Out of the Deep
Thing from the Black Mountains

Interactive dvd menus
Awesome graphics and sound
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Wonderful picture art directly printed on the dvd.
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$19.99 + s/h