Chip ‘N Dale
Rescue Rangers

Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers was mainly about Chip and Dale's adventures in fighting crimes that the
police think are too small to handle. Together, with the help of Gadget Hackwrench, the inventive and
industrious girl mouse, a blue fly named Zipper, and Monterey Jack, a husky, strong mouse with a killer
addiction for cheese, they match wits with evil scientists like Professor Nimbul and crooked cat
underworld leader Fat Cat and his gang.

65 Episodes Included!

Season One
1  Piratsy Under the Seas  
2  Catteries Not Included    
3  Dale Beside Himself  
4  Flash the Wonder Dog  
5  Out to Launch  
6  Kiwi's Big Adventure
7  Adventures in Squirrelsitting
8  Pound of the Baskervilles  
9  Risky Beesness  
10  Three Men and a Booby  
11  The Carpetsnaggers  
12  Bearing Up Baby
13  Parental Discretion Retired

Season Two
1 To the Rescue Part 1
2 To the Rescue Part 2
3 To the Rescue Part 3
4 To the Rescue Part 4
5 To the Rescue Part 5
6 A Lad in a Lamp
7 The Luck Stops Here
8 Battle of the Bulge
9 Ghost of a Chance
10 An Elephant Never Suspects
11 Fake Me to Your Leader
12 Last Train to Cashville
13 A Case of Stage Blight
14 The Case of the Cola Cult
15 Throw Mummy From the Train
16 A Wolf in Cheap Clothing
17 Robocat
18 Does Pavlov Ring a Bell?
19 Prehysterical Pet
20 A Creep in the Deep
21 Normie's Science Project
22 Seer No Evil
23 Chipwrecked Shipmunks
24 When Mice Were Men
25 Chocolate Chips
26 The Last Leprechaun
27 Weather or Not
28 One Upsman-Chip
29 Shell Shocked
30 Love is a Many Splintered Thing
31 Song of the Night 'n Dale
32 Double O'Chipmunk
33 Gadget Goes Hawaiian
34 It's a Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale!
35 Short Order Crooks
36 Mind Your Cheese and Q's
37 Out of Scale
38 Dirty Rotten Diapers
39 Good Times, Bat Times
40 Pie in the Sky
41 Le Purrfect Crime
42 When You Fish Upon a Star
43 Rest Home Rangers
44 A Lean on the Property
45 The Pied Piper Power Play
46 Gorilla My Dreams
47 The S.S. Drainpipe

Season Three
1  Zipper Come Home
2  Puffed Rangers  
3  A Fly in the Ointment  
4  A Chorus Crime  
5  They Shoot Dogs, Don't They?

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Awesome graphics and sound
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Wonderful picture art directly printed on the DVD.
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Full exchange warranty.
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