The Mighty

Along with a centaur named Newton (the half-boy, half-horse), a little mute satyr named
Tewt, King Dorian, and the beautiful maiden Helena, the Mighty Hercules protects the
Learien Valley of Ancient Greece from villains such as the evil Daedalius and his cat
Dydo, Willamene the Sea Witch and the Mask of Vulcan.

Produced and directed by Joseph Oriolo for Adventure Cartoons for Television and
Trans-Lux, this series was originally syndicated in 1963. The episodes were written by
former DC Comics writers/editors, George Kashdan and Jack E. Miller.  Featuring a
memorable theme song written and sung by Johnny Nash, this series presented the
adventures of the mythological Greek hero from Mount Olympus, Hercules. Montreal TV
and radio personality, Jimmy Tapp, provided the voice of Hercules.  


1  Hercules Comes to Earth  
2  Hercules Saves the Kingdom  
3  Kidnapped by Wilamene  
4  Hercules vs. Teron the Evil Spirit  
5  Hercules vs. the Hydra  
6  Hercules and the Stolen Ring  
7  Daedalius Kidnaps Helena  
8  Theft of the Magic Seal  
9  Double Trouble  
10  Hercules Rescues Timon  
11  The Chair of Forgetfulness  
12  The Strength Potion  
13  Hercules vs. the Hideous Bird Beast  
14  Pegasus Kidnapped  
15  The Invisible Potion  
16  Search for the Golden Apples  
17  The Thieving Bird Hoard  
18  Daedalius Becomes a Giant    
19  The Stolen Treasure  
20  The Cure  
21  The Thunderbolt Disc  
22  Sun Diamond of Helios  
23  Hercules Lends a Hand  
24  The Defiant Mask of Vulcan  
25  The Golden Goblet  
26  The Lexas Lagoon  
27  Guarding of the Olympic Torch   
28  Helena Cries Wolf    
29  Hercules Saves The Villagers  
30  Hercules And The Magic Arrows  
31  Hercules Battles The Krudes Beast  
32  The Cave Of Death  
33  Medusa's Sceptre   
34  The Bewitch Birds  
35  The Enchanted Pool    
36  The Endless Chasm  
37  Hercules Protects Helena And Newton  
38  Hercules Helps King Neptune  
39  The Return Of The Mask  
40  Hercules Saves Helena  
41  The Magnetic Stone  
42  The Magic Rod  
43  The Minotaur  
44  Hercules And The Eternal Sleep  

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