Tom and Jerry
14+ Hours of your favorite cartoon!

A cat, large, gray and devilish, a Machiavellian glint in his yellow-irised eyes, and a mouse,
small, brown, cherubic yet cheeky, chase each other around a kitchen, demolishing the ice
box, ironing board, plate rail, a whole sink full of dishes and littering the floor with egg shells,
dripping yolks and oozing jam.

Awesome graphics and sound
Nice dvd collector box/case
Wonderful picture art directly printed on the dvd.
(No paper labels to peel off and mess up the dvd playing in the dvd player.)
First Class USPS shipping with delivery e-confirmation.
Full exchange warranty.
Money orders, personal checks, Master Card and Visa
through Google Checkout accepted.
$19.99 + s/h